About Us.

Vasyn (pronounced vah-sin) is derived from a czech word which means passion. Our company is built on a passion for cars.

Quality First.

Our small team produces 95% of our gear in house. From design, to media, to printing, to sewing, to shipping; we do it all. We touch every garment that leaves our warehouse from start to finish.

More Than Merch.

This isn't your average t-shirt company. Everything we do is geared towards providing the most value we can for our customers.

We're playing the long game, and building a machine that can inspire the automotive community, provide jobs, and give back in ways no other company has.

Origin Story.

Vasyn Apparel was created by Devin Niemela in 2018, shortly after he began his automotive YouTube journey. Since then, our mission has been to unite and grow the car community one garment at a time.

What began as a basement operation has grown to a small team, warehouse, and thousands of customers globally.

As we grow, we aim to inspire the car community, provide jobs on US soil, and give back as much as we can along the way.