If you’re a car enthusiast who creates content, we have an opportunity for you...


How would you like to make money from your content and audience while being part of a fast growing automotive apparel brand? Our industry leading ambassador program gives you the opportunity to do just that.


But first, a bit more about us.


We’re a small team of car enthusiasts that produce 95% of our gear in house. This includes designs, printing our tees and hoodies, lasering leather patch hats, printing/cutting stickers, and more. Our hands touch every product that leaves our warehouse.


This gives us better quality control, as well as the ability to iterate, move quickly, and do things for our customers that most companies don’t do. For example, every order that's gone through our store since 2018 has received a handwritten note.


Our customers love this, and the data supports it. Here’s a screenshot of our average returning customer rate over the past year:




For context, an average returning customer rate for online stores is 20-30%.


This means the customers you refer are likely to stay in our ecosystem and continue purchasing through your link. In other words: less work, more commissions, and more goodwill with your audience.


We offer commissions that beat any other company in the space, with our Tier 3 payouts reaching 34% of all sales through your link, in addition to a large monthly care package.


To give a real world example of what this means for you:


Given our average order value over the past year, if you got 50 people to purchase through your link in a month, you would personally make over $1,000 that month.


Not too shabby.


As you can see, this could easily turn into a full-time income. All without having to worry about any of the business backend, while trusting that your referrals are being taken care of and will stick around.


If that sounds good to you, and you want to learn more about our three tier ambassador program; submit a brief application below.


Note: We do not accept everyone, and are only taking on a small number of ambassadors as we roll out this program. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a huge following, either. Follower metrics are only a small part of our decision making process.